Our Mission

Our mission is two-pronged with the goals of…

1) Connecting Research with Capital

Scientific research not only advances human knowledge, it leads to the creation of new products and services that drive the economy forward. Despite the value of research and development, U.S.-based R&D projects have historically had to looked to universities and government for funding, and decreases in spending from both sectors have caused many projects to come to a halt.

(According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the U.S. FY 2020 White House Budget would bring down non-defense spending – i.e. space, health, energy, general science, environment, agriculture, transportation, and justice – by 9% or $54 billion.)

On the other end of the spectrum, entrepreneurs and investors are constantly looking for the next technology solution to bring to market or fund, with thought leaders (such as Michael Moritz, Fred Wilson, Peter Thiel, and Marc Andreessen) advocating for a shift away from short-signed investments in "fast social media deals" and back to the deep sciences in order to sustain long-term innovation and wealth creation. While institutional U.S. research funding is on the decline, the volume and amount of venture capital is and will continue to increase.

(According to a recent Crunchbase report, 2018 saw the "the most amount of money invested in the highest number of private tech company financing events on record." In fact, "more money was invested in late-stage ventures in 2018 than the entire global VC market invested in 2016, approximately $168 billion.")

Our mission is to bring these two worlds together to facilitate relationships, research, and collaboration. The R&D Breakthrough Summit is where research and capital collide.

2) Cultivating Entrepreneurial Scientists

An entrepreneurial scientist is an individual who can navigate both the academic and business world with the understanding that capital helps translate scientific research into tangible products and services that solve real-world challenges. An entrepreneurial scientist believes that knowledge is not just to be acquired, but to be applied.

Our goal is to cultivate this mentality in the next generation of graduate, post-doctoral, and even undergraduate researchers to transform the way they think about their ideas and to help them navigate the complicated path of bringing their research to market.